Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Durham Lumiere festival 2011

Sadly I didn't manage to actually see witness the Lumiere Festival in Durham, i was one weekend too lat.e However after been told of the beautiful things that had gone on by my brother, I checked it out on the internet. Incredible illustration by projection artist Ross Ashton covered Durham Cathedral. It was imagery drawn from the Lindesfarne Gospels and inside the cathedral itself.

But it wasn't just the Cathedral that was illuminated, all over Durham there were light instillations beaming far and wide through the darkness of the small city by many different artists.

Walter Hood lit up the entire forest that runs alongside the River Wear.
Verity Quinne and bethan Maddocks created banners inspired by Durhams mining industry illuminating Durhams history in neon light.

In contrast there are installations that illuminate the present. I love this idea of a group from Belgium to visualise the communication and information passed across Durham when electromagnetic waves are transmitted. Through infrared rays, Binary Waves capture the information and turn it into a light, sound and colour displayed on fourty panels in a wave determined by the mirco-events.

These are just a few of 35 light installations displayed all around Durham.
Check out their website to see them all. I'm just so impressed by the range of ideas and innovative visuals that lit up the skies. I'm certainly not missing that next year.

Monday, 12 December 2011

more synesthesia-i can't get enough

I've already blogged a bit on synesthesia but to continue this interest, here is a video my friend steffan linked to me, a beautiful and fantastically imaginative way of trying to reproduce/explain/show synesthesia-almost a contradictory task to do using all our senses. I would love to know what a person with severe synesthesia thinks of it, could they totally relate to it...