Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mityana Project

The Mityana diocese project is a charity organisation based in my home village of St Mary Bourne in Hampshire. It is a church led charity that started from the link made between our local Whitchurch Deanery and Mityana Diocese in Uganda. I visited the area in 2006 with a local youth group. We visited many schools and orphanages, teaching, building and experiencing the culture. Since then, many income generating projects have developed from money raised and ideas put forward. For example through a Piggery project, we gave several schools pigs to raise and breed to provide meat for the school. One school has been able to give away nineteen piglets this year which is a huge achievement.

I have done this piece of design which will be used on informative leaflets to show the villages and schools in the UK that are linked with one in Mityana, and the kinds of projects, and help we are doing.

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